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20 Dog Breeds You Certainly Don’t Know About

Discover 20 of the Unknown Dog Breeds in the World


20 Dog Breeds You Certainly Don t Know About
20 Dog Breeds You Certainly Don t Know About

Even if at BESTPETINSURANCE we love all dog breeds whatever they are, breed or not, we must admit that some of them are more successful than others. It is the case of the Labrador, the German Shepherd or the Border Collie which are very appreciated by the future adopters.

In order to help you discover new horizons, we have selected 20 dog breeds a little less known (or even not at all) but just as endearing.

  1. The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

The result of a cross between the German Shepherd Dog and the Carpathian wolf, this dog is one of the two recognized dog breeds of domestic wolfhound, along with the Saarlos Wolfdog. Courageous and loyal, Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs also have a strong hunting instinct.

  1. The Hovawart

Hovawarts are German working dogs with a strong character. Very protective and with a robust nature, they make excellent watchdogs and companion dogs.

  1. Portuguese Podenco

Portuguese Podencos are particularly reserved and sensitive hunting dogs that are very attached to their master. They have a great need to let off steam and are instinctively wary of strangers.

  1. The Little Brabantine

Originally from Belgium, this dog is reputed to be very playful and particularly affectionate. On the other hand, despite their small size, they are very daring and do not hesitate to attack larger animals.

  1. The Little Russian Dog

Also called Russkiy toy, this dog is an excellent companion dog that knows how to adapt to all situations. Its joy of life makes it a very endearing dog.

  1. Swedish Lapphund

Also called Swedish Lapphund, this dog known for his calm and kindness is a real ball of love. And what’s more, he loves to learn!

  1. The Kooikerhondje

Also known as a Small Dutch Waterfowl Hunting Dog (a little long for the name, we grant you), the Kooikerhondje is particularly resistant to cold and humidity. Very intelligent and a little “clownish”, he loves to hunt above all.

  1. The Lancashire Heeler

This little dog with Corgi’s looks has something to seduce. Indeed, not only does he enjoy an iron constitution but he is also a wonderful companion dog, even if he can sometimes be a little too nervous.

  1. The Italian Pointer

These versatile hunting dogs are very easy to train. It’s quite simple, he understands everything! What’s more, they are very affectionate and full of energy.


  1. The Eurasier

Originally from Germany, these long-haired dogs are a cross between a German Spitz and a Chow-Chow. Happy to live and particularly sociable, Eurasiers are also very independent.

  1. The Keeshond

This Spitz-looking dog likes to be surrounded by children and animals. He needs to feel part of a family but also tolerates solitude. Very barker, he makes an excellent guard dog.

  1. The Borzoi

Also called Russian Greyhound, the Borzoi has very ancient origins. Calm and thoughtful, this dog has long been used to hunt wolves.

  1. The Clumber Spaniel

Endowed with exceptional flair, this hunting dog excels in its field. Intelligent and particularly discreet, it adapts perfectly to family life.

  1. The Azawakh

Originally from Mali, the Azawakh is above all a greyhound, a faithful companion of sub-Saharan nomads for hundreds of years. Very distrustful of foreigners, he is an example of loyalty to his master.

  1. The Canaan Dog

Originally from Palestine, the Canaan Dog has long been a wild dog. It was in 1937 that this dog became the official dog of the Israeli army thanks to its great learning abilities.

  1. The Portuguese Mountain Dog

This hound of about 40 kilos has been assigned since the dawn of time to guard herds and property. Imposing, he knows how to frighten those who dare to get too close to his territory but is a real cream for his family members. A giant with a big heart, in short.

  1. The Blue Lacy

This particularly rare breed is native to the United States. Very alert and active, this medium-sized dog excels at raising livestock and hunting wild boar. Blue Lacy Blue Lacy is a temperamental breed that needs a master who knows how to impose strict rules.

  1. The Bergamo Shepherd Dog

The role of this dog of Italian origin has long been to drive and guard flocks of sheep. Never fearful or aggressive, they are extremely gentle with their loved ones but also know how to defend their territory.

  1. The Appenzell Cattle Dog

A cheerful and alert Swiss Mountain Dog, he also makes an excellent guard dog. Very mischievous and easy to train, it is an outstanding companion.

  1. The Lhasa Apso

Originally from Tibet, the Lhasa Apso is nicknamed the “dog with the roars of a lion” because of its particularly hoarse barking which makes one think of a big dog. Very playful, he also knows how to be calm and makes an excellent alarm dog.


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