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Labrador Retriever Dog: 5 Things You Must Know About This Water Dog

Amazing Facts on the Labrador Retriever Dogs


Labrador Retriever 5 Things You Must Know About This Water Dog
Labrador Retriever 5 Things You Must Know About This Water Dog

The Labrador retriever dog is one of the most popular dogs in the world. And with good reason, his constant joie de vivre and his unfailing sociability make him an incredible life companion. To find out more about this extraordinary Labrador retriever dog, keep reading this interesting article!

  1. A Water Dog

Legend has it that the Labrador retriever dog is a cross between a Newfoundlander and an otter. The reason for this strange belief? The Labrador retriever dog has a true love of water and he manages to use his tail as a rudder when he swims, just like an otter.

In fact, the Labrador’s ancestor is the Newfoundland, a dog used by fishermen to search for caught fish that jumped overboard. The name “Retriever” takes on its full meaning here: the Labrador Retriever dog is a dog that retrieves everything it finds.

  1. Three Colors Allowed

Since the recognition of the breed in 1900, three colors have been allowed in the Labrador Retriever: sand, brown and black. The coat is generally solid and the eyes are almost always brown.

Unlike the Golden Retriever, the Labrador Retriever’s coat is relatively short but dense, protecting it from the elements. The Labrador retriever dog weighs an average of 30 kilos, making it a medium-sized dog.


  1. A Child’s Best Friend

Labrador retriever dog is often recommended as an antidepressant. And for good reason, his good mood is incredibly communicative! This dog has a “smile” all day long and knows how to entertain you. When he’s young, he can sometimes be a little “crazy” but he generally becomes calmer with age.

In addition to being a cheerful big dog, he is also a keen player who will take great pleasure in having fun with children. It’s quite simple, for him, paradise looks like a gigantic playground! However, be careful with the smallest ones, the Labrador retriever dog is not always very gentle, not being aware of its strength.

  1. A Very Easy Education

The advantage with the Labrador retriever dog is that it’s very easy to teach him new things as long as it’s all through the game. And if he sees that you’re proud of him, this ball of love will not hesitate to reproduce your orders to the letter to please you.

In addition to being attentive, he also knows how to be very gentle and his infinite patience is no longer to be proven.

  1. A Dog That Also Knows How To Work

If the Labrador is used in many disciplines, it is not for nothing! Indeed, whether as a rescue dog, assistance dog or police dog, the Labrador excels in all areas.

This versatility makes him one of the most appreciated working dogs in the world.


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